Real estate development is a complex undertaking that demands clarity in its vision and meticulous planning. At BASE, we synthesize the development process into an execution strategy focused on achieving project milestones and investment objectives.

USD $180 million

Cost of projects in development managed by BASE in 2023





The integration of knowledge in architecture and engineering empowers BASE to take a proactive role in real estate development, ensuring that our client’s vision and business model remain aligned. Through collaboration with specialists in various technical fields, BASE conducts feasibility studies, develops master plans, evaluates project design specifications, and optimizes construction contracting plans. With a transdisciplinary approach, BASE drives the development of properties with a focus on superior functionality, commercial efficiency, environmental sustainability, and financial viability. By creating well-designed buildings, BASE increases the value of properties, attracting high-quality tenants and maximizing occupancy rates.






Drawing on our construction expertise, BASE empowers its clients with the knowledge needed to make informed and agile decisions during project execution. Our deep understanding of value engineering, construction processes, project scheduling, and cost control allows us to oversee development projects with quality, timeliness, and efficiency. This holistic integration enables BASE to guide its clients in navigating potential challenges, mitigating risks, minimizing delays, and optimizing resource allocation. As a result, our clients can embark on real estate development projects with confidence.