We tailor real estate investment and financing strategies to achieve our clients’ objectives. We assess risk and reward from their perspective, seeking solutions that align with each client’s unique profile. Our strong experience as lead investors enables us to efficiently evaluate a spectrum of risk-adjusted investment alternatives.

USD $50 million

Value of assets managed by BASE for investors in 2023





Our expertise is grounded in a team of directors with over two decades of experience operating from the owner’s perspective in commercial real estate investments. We have played key roles as active investors, real estate fund managers, and representatives of institutional property owners. With a long-term view of real estate asset performance and sector-specific financial knowledge, our directors offer real experience.


Our track record in structuring specialized real estate investment vehicles and financial knowhow equips us to provide comprehensive strategies to our clients. By combining our financial expertise with a deep understanding of the real estate primary markets, we assess capital market trends, evaluate risk-return profiles, and identify investment strategies that align with the specific needs of our clients. This approach allows us to guide our clients in making informed decisions, optimizing their portfolios, and maximizing the risk-adjusted return of their assets.






BASE’s knowhow goes beyond financial analysis. We recognize that successful ventures require hands-on experience in asset management and a deep understanding of the real estate industry, along with a detailed understanding of primary market dynamics and emerging sector trends. By merging our financial knowledge with a profound understanding of the sector, BASE is in a privileged position to identify opportunities that generate tangible value at the property level during the development and operation stages of the real estate asset´s life cycle.