We are committed to creating enduring value for our clients—this requires long term thinking and active management. We operate properties as a going concern to build solid investments and sustainable real estate assets.

USD $165 million

Value of buildings managed by BASE in 2023





The integration of BASE’s experience in asset and property management into our core business enables us to provide comprehensive on-site services to our clients. Our team consists of professionals with expertise in facility operations, property leasing, tenant relations, and contract negotiation, ensuring holistic property-level management. Recognizing the impact that services provided to tenants, maintenance, and general building administration have on property value, our operational teams strive to maintain the highest standards of quality in all buildings managed by BASE. We focus on delivering exceptional experiences to tenants and visitors, maximizing occupancy rates, minimizing operational costs, and optimizing income from real estate assets.






With a portfolio of assets managed by BASE, we have developed deep knowledge in crafting operational budgets and key indicators for projecting leasing income, operating expenses, and capital expenditures. We leverage this operational knowledge in our investment and development projects, helping our clients make more informed decisions that enhance long-term property performance. By offering comprehensive asset and property management solutions, BASE enhances the lasting value and profitability of our clients’ real estate assets.